Electrical apprenticeship is great opportunity for you to earn money while you learn the valuable skills you need to advance your career in the electrical industry.

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What is Electrical Apprenticeship?

Electrical apprenticeship is the process of training new skilled electricians that are fully competent in the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of the trade. Most of the apprentice's training is done on the job by an employer, however, additional classroom time is used to cover electrical theory, calculations, and code in greater detail.

Apprentices generally start their career at half the salary of licensed journeymen. Once they are able to begin performing more sophisticated duties they generally will receive pay increases as they learn to perform more complex tasks. When they become licensed journeymen, they enter a career as an electrician. Motivated men and women will find limitless opportunites for career advancement that may include estimating, project management, or even owning your own contracting business. Other careers available to apprentices include: