The Electrical Training Network course material teaches you valuable skills you can take to your job to become a smarter, safer, and more productive employee.

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The Course

Our course material is a four-year curriculum that is sure to contain information your employees need to know to continue along thier career path in the electrical industry. It has been designed to immediately increase your value to the industry. The material focuses on skills, safety, and an understanding of National Electrical Code® that your employee can apply to the job from day one.

The material is intended to be taught in tandem with on-the-job training provided by a skilled electrician. Each lesson is based on objectives with exercises, review questions, and quizzes designed to test the knowledge gained in each segment. The curriculum is updated regularly to meet the needs of the electrical contractors.

The course has a strong emphasis on the National Electrical Code® as a vital component throughout the curriculum. Nearly every lesson contains code references with actual exercises and questions requiring the apprentice to look up answers in the 2008 NEC®. There are lessons that focus specifically on how to look up information in the code and understand its application on the job. In addition, the electricians who wrote the course have included heavy emphasis on the importance of safety and mathematics.

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ETN's apprentice course material has been accepted by the Bureau of Apprentice Training (BAT), U.S. Department of Labor; Minnesota State Apprenticeship Council (SAC); and the Arkansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming Electrical Boards.

Year 1 topics include:

Year 2 topics include:

Year 3 topics include:

Year 4 topics include: