The Electrical Training Network course material was designed by electricians and industry leaders to teach apprentices the life-long skills they need for a rewarding career in the electrical industry.

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Training is one of the cornerstones of gaining a competitive advantage. The course material developed by the Electrical Training Network (ETN) helps you:

  1. Hire the best. Attract the brightest and best employees in your community. Employers who train using quality educational programs are going to the ones chosen first by people who want to be the best in their field.
  2. Boost profits. Employees who want to be among the best in their field will do what it takes to pass their licensing exam the first time. Providing the training they need to accomplish this is the best way to boost your earning potential.
  3. Increase Productivity. Apprentice electricians who are in a related training program like ETN's are constantly applying what they learn on the job. As a result, they make your journeymen more productive by being better helpers.
  4. Increase repeat business. Because they make it easier for your journeymen to do higher quality work at a faster pace, customers are happier with the results. Satisfied customers love to tell their friends about their good experiences with your company. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to convert prospective customers into long-term customers.
  5. Enjoy your business. Spending time getting new business beats spending your time training and trouble shooting problems. There is nothing more satisfying than the win-win feeling of helping your business, employees, customers, community, and the electrical industry. The money invested in training gives you this satisfaction.

Believe it or not, encouraging your competitors to train their employees can benefit your business. Below are some reasons you may want to think about telling your competitors about the Electrical Training Network’s course material.

These are only a few of the benefits of training together in your community. Contractors never indulge in the anti-trust practices of setting prices as a community or even discussing pricing before bidding a job. If they are subcontracting work, they only discuss that part of the work they would hire the other contractor to perform for them.

Often people agree not to recruit each others employees. Yet they understand that if an employee applies for a job at another shop, that is the choice of the employee and the other contractor is free to hire that employee if there is a need. The bottom line is that the electricians in the community will be well trained using the same course information. That makes it easier for contractors and improves the financial strength of their community. Training is the best investment of all. Everyone wins when people are well-trained.