The Electrical Training Network course material was designed by electricians and industry leaders to teach apprentices the life-long skills they need for a rewarding career in the electrical industry.

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The course material developed by the Electrical Training Network (ETN) gives you a competitive advantage in the job market as you build toward a secure future as a licensed electrician. The highly marketable life-long skills you learn while using this material will increase your chances of passing your journeyman's licensing exam and boost your earning potential.

Why You Should Use ETN

It is a great time to consider beginning a career in the electrical industry. Despite economic slowdowns, the demand for electrical workers is continuing to rise. There are currently 617,370 electricians employed nationally and by 2014, the demand for electrical workers will rise to more than 734,000!* Becoming an electrician is not just a good career choice because it is in demand and pays well, it will also provide the extraordinary satisfaction of driving by buildings that you helped create knowing you are part of building America's future.

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*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics